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The Need for Speed: Custom Kart Racing Suits to Enhance Performance and Safety

Updated: Apr 23

For racers, having a custom kart racing suits is about more than just looking good on the track. A properly fitted custom suit can provide crucial safety and performance benefits that off-the-rack suits simply can't match. At Accelo Racewear, we understand the unique demands racers face on the track, which is why we specialize in fully customized, high-performance racing suits.

Our expert team meticulously crafts each suit to conform precisely to the racer's body measurements for an ultra-precise fit. This custom-tailored approach translates to enhanced comfort and mobility, allowing you to react quickly behind the wheel without restrictive gear hindering your reflexes. Moreover, a custom kart racing suit that hugs your frame won't flap around at high speeds, cutting down on drag for better lap times.

No doubt that appearance is a matter of importance, but Accelo always ensures that safety and functions are the priority over looks. We make our SFI certified suits which are well-proven in offering protection against fire. We build our SFI-5 suits with Nomex and Meta Aramid fabrics which are fire resistant and don't burn, drip or melt even during intense heat exposure.

Custom SFI Racing Suits

Accelo Racewear, the renowned custom SFI suits manufacturer for racers, has received the certification from the SFI Foundation, the world's leading non-profit organization dealing with research and development of safety standards. Accelo is quality-driven and that's why our strict requirements provide you with the protection that you require for meeting 100% of the challenges the track throws at you. Pro racing custom suit builders carefully fabricate and fit every suit to uphold or surpass all relevant SFI standards.

SFI appraisal focuses on the flammability and thermal protective features of the suit materials, such as embracing, stitching and sealing. Collars, shoulders, and sleeves should be designed to withstand the large stress forces. Additionally, the multiple layer construction creates an air barrier around the body which adds further protection from burns. Granted, SFI completes independent certification of our racing suits; consequently, racers can rely on independent validation that all Accelo Suits are safe and reliable to use.

The SFI Foundation sets specific standards across a range of racing disciplines. These different certifications include driving suits of varying levels of thickness and protection, driver accessories such as shoes and gloves, and also parts on the actual vehicle that enhance safety such as harnesses and seats.

Expert Custom Suit Fitting for All Racing Applications

When it comes to SFI specialization, the certification being the fundamentals, the jewels that make the magic are the precision tailoring. Every individual has a purely personal body shape and size therefore no premade costume that can offer splendid wearability. Our custom-made racing suit tailors adjust their stiches to compliment your body’s shape and orientation.

During your custom fitting session, our specialists will assess crucial sizing factors like:

·         Shoulder width

·         Arm and leg lengths

·         Torso, hip, and inseam measurements

·         Range of motion requirements

We'll help you select colors and design elements to match your tastes and sponsors. And if needed, we can integrate custom patches, embroidery, and graphics to complete your distinctive look.

Once the custom pattern is precision-cut, our master builders expertly stitch and assemble each panel. The finished suit fits your frame like a glove, maximizing flexibility and control while keeping you safe in the event of an accident.

Custom Suit Pricing to Fit Your Racing Budget

While off-the-rack racing suits seem like an affordable option at first glance, their lack of an ideal fit can put you at a disadvantage on race day. Our mission includes making custom racing safety gear accessible for drivers and teams at every level of the sport. We work diligently to offer exceptional custom suits at reasonable prices to fit within your racing budget.

As racers ourselves, we understand the expenses involved in competing at a high level. That's why we strive to bridge the gap between necessary safety precautions and affordability. Please contact us today to discuss your custom race car driver suit needs and budget. Our team will work with you to craft tailored solutions that protect your safety while respecting your bottom line.

Because custom car suits perfection and safety matter more than budget, Accelo Racewear delivers. Trust us to keep you protected so you can focus on the need for speed.

Contact Accelo Racewear in Punxsutawney, PA today to get fitted for your custom racing suit.

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