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Equip yourself with Accelo's Specialty Racing Suits, Custom Racing Gloves & Protective Apparel

When seasoned racers hit the track or drag strip, having ultra-responsive, reinforced gear can make all the difference in agility, safety, and victory margins. For nearly a decade, Accelo Racewear has engineered high-performance suits, Custom Racing Gloves, shoes, accessories, and protective equipment that equips racers to perform at their peak while mitigating risks. Read on for an inside look at how Accelo’s race-tested products set the bar for speed and safety.


The Anatomy of Accelo’s Racing Gloves

A racer’s connection to their vehicle heavily relies on glove grip, feel, and maneuverability. Accelo constructs supremely ventilated gloves with reinforced palms/fingers using race-tested materials resisting wear from abrasion, flames, and contact.

Our Custom Racing Gloves patterns top quality Nomex and specialty leathers aligned to different racing disciplines. Accelo gloves come equipped with various stitching stlyes, finger pads and pre-curved fingers to eliminate hand fagigue while racing.

Rigorous Safety Standards

All Accelo 2 piece racing suits carry SFI safety certification after passing the rigorous SFI requirements. Our innovative 2-piece designs allow racers superior comfort separating jackets from pants without compromising safety. Outer shells durably withstand direct flame contact, while interiors keep drivers cool with moisture-wicking and quick drying fabrics.

Custom stretch panels contour to racers' bodies, while breathable seams provide flexibility. Whether enclosure-style road course suits or open front/rear drag strip suits, Accelo 2-pieces uphold uncompromised safety for intense racing demands.

Auto Racing Fire Protection

Flame exposure represents one of racing's gravest dangers. Accelo engineers racing fire suits to safeguard drivers during fiery worst-case crashes. Premium protective outer layers of Nomex or meta/para-aramid fabrics resist ignition and heat penetration. Multiple layered linings additionally assist in preventing contact burns.

Our innovative Thermo Core Firewall layers adapter variable insulation for different racing disciplines. Built to SFI's rigorous 3.2A/5 fire protection standards, Accelo's auto racing fire suits undergo grueling testing defending against 1100°F direct/indirect temperature exposures for durations of several seconds. Trust Accelo's unrelenting R&D for your ultimate line of defense.

High Performance without the Expense

Here at Accelo Racewear, our entire team consists of devoted racing enthusiasts with firsthand experience understanding budgetary challenges of the sport. We leverage direct-to-consumer manufacturing paired with bulk textile sourcing to equip racers with exceptional gear and cheap race suits that won't break the bank.

Additionally, our in-house fabrication, pattern design and customization capabilities help significantly reduce operating costs. Whether building starter suits for aspiring youth racers or crafting elite apparel for pros, Accelo delivers uncompromised quality and safety at reasonable prices.

Let Accelo Outfit Your Next Podium Finish

If you are looking for racing suits, gloves, shoes or accessories engineered by enthusiasts obsessed with both safety and performance, look no further. Accelo Racewear combines decades of fabrication expertise with an intimate understanding of regional racing community needs. Call our Punxsutawney, PA headquarters today to discuss building fully Custom fit race suit and customized gear for your next event!

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