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To get a custom order started, download and complete all the necessary forms. When you're ready, submit the forms back to us ( along with 50% payment. We accept PayPal, CashApp, Credit Card, or Check by mail. You can also check out on our website. Credit card and PayPal goods/services have a 3% processing fee. Keep in mind that you only need to fill in the forms you need.

From there, we start on your artwork and work with you until there is a finalized design.

After that, we send everything to production. When the suit is finished, and ready to be shipped, the final 50% + shipping is due. Lead times vary depending on the amount of orders at the current time. The busiest time of the year is January-March.


For the artwork, you can hand draw something on the design form, draw on a computer, or find a picture of a design you like, and we can recreate it with whatever colors you'd like. 


A couple instructions for the measurement form:

1. When measuring, make sure you're looking straight ahead,

not down, as that can mess up the measurements a little. 

2. Use a cloth tape (fabric tape measure) to measure.

3. DO NOT have a tailor measure you.

4. Record all measurements in inches.

5. Be sure to fill out the extra part for the 2 piece suit if you want a 2 piece!

6. ANY QUESTIONS, please contact us!

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