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Cheap Race Suits- Built for Speed and Safety

Updated: May 15

As racers ourselves, we at Accelo Racewear understand the need for high-performance racing gear that doesn't break the bank. Whether you're a competitive kart racer or circle track driver running a full size car, having a properly fitted cheap race suit and safety equipment can make all the difference when seconds count on the track. That's why we offer customized and budget-friendly solutions for all your racing apparel and safety gear needs. Through our partial sponsorship program, we offer the Raceday Suit at an unbelievable price!

High-Quality Without the High Price

Our cheap race suits provide an affordable option without sacrificing quality and safety. Constructed from 2-layer Nome, our suits comply with SFI 3.2A/5 safety specifications. We also offer a range of customizable options including personalized embroidery and color schemes so you can build a unique look that fits your style.

For circle track racers, we offer 1-piece and 2-piece suits featuring vibrant colors and designs so you can stand out on the track. Kart racers will appreciate the lightweight construction and breathability of our suits, optimized for comfort and mobility in the tight confines of a racing kart. No matter what you drive, getting suited up for the track should never break the bank.

Custom Fit Race Suits - Built Just for You

All of our custom race suits are made-to-order and custom-fitted to your measurements, ensuring a precise match to your body type for maximum comfort and flexibility while driving. Our expert staff will work with you to tailor the sleeves, legs, and torso for the perfect fit. Whether you need a little extra room in the shoulders or a longer inseam for reach, we'll dial in the suit to your exact specifications at no additional charge.

Once your measurements are dialed in, you'll be set for future orders. Just provide your customer information whenever you need a replacement suit or a new design, and we'll cut and sew it to your programmed specs for consistency across all your racewear. No more dealing with off-the-rack suits that don't quite fit right!

Stay Warm and Protected

Karting demands specialized gear able to stand up to the extreme cornering forces and brisk speeds. Our custom kart racing jackets provide thermal protection from cool weather while also incorporating body armor components for abrasion and heat protection. Integrated stretch panels allow for a full range of motion while the tailored fit won't flap around at speed or allow air to penetrate.

Much like our race suits, you can fully customize the jacket color schemes and badging. Add your name, racing number, sponsors, country flag - whatever elements speak to your personal style. The lightweight construction even makes these jackets suitable for wearing under a race suit when extra insulation is needed. No matter what the weather throws at you, our karting jackets have you covered.

Custom SFI Racing Shoes - Grip, Protection and Support

Don't overlook the importance of proper racing footwear. Our custom sfi shoes are SFI 3.3 certified to protect your ankles and feet in the event of a crash while also preventing torsional flex that can lead to broken bones or sprains. The internal lace pockets and Velcro closures keep laces secured, eliminating the chance of them catching on pedals.

The leather and suede construction provides exceptional rigidity, abrasion resistance, and heat protection. The padded ankle collar and tongue deliver comfort even during long endurance races. For the ultimate in grip and pedal control, the vulcanized rubber compound soles connect you to your machine.

Personalize the color scheme and embroidery on these racing shoes just like all our other products. Get your name or nickname stitched onto the tongue or sides so everyone knows who's foot is planted on the loud pedal. Break them in during testing and practice so they're race-ready by the time the green flag waves.

Fire Suit Punxsutawney PA - Local Service, Trackside Support

We provide direct service and support to racers in western PA. Stop by our shop to get fitted for your custom racewear, jackets, shoes and safety gear. We'll take all the necessary measurements and dial in the perfect fit whether you're a first-time racer or seasoned veteran.

Once your gear arrives, our team of technicians can help you with any tweaks or adjustments, should you need them. Should repairs or alterations ever become necessary, you don't have to ship your safety equipment away and wait. Our shop can handle any fix quickly so you're back at the track as soon as possible.

Can't make it to the shop? We frequently provide trackside support at area tracks. Come find us in the pits and we'll take care of all your racewear needs right at the track. We also sponsor multiple racers across various disciplines that can provide product demos and size samples.

Get Suited Up and Stay Safe

With over 50 years of combined racing experience across multiple disciplines on our team, no one understands the demands of motorsports better than us. We've seen first-hand how properly fitted safety gear and racewear can make the difference in those split seconds when disaster strikes. That's why we take so much pride in providing high-quality, customized products designed to protect racers while allowing you to express your personal style.

So, whether you're rocketing around the kart track or battling side-by-side for position in the high banks of a circle track, trust Accelo Racewear to get you suited up safely and affordably. Our passion is protecting racers so you can focus on going fast, taking the checkered flag, and ending up in victory lane!

Reach out today to get started designing your custom racewear and safety gear. Let's build your winning race day look together!

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