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Get High-Performance Racing Fire Suits and Custom Gear Right in Punxsutawney

When every millisecond matters, competitive motorsports drivers demand reliable protection and maximum mobility from their racing apparel. From professional NASCAR racers to local kart competitors, Accelo Racewear builds racing fire suits and safety gear for drivers from all corners of racing. With precise custom manufacturing and top-grade protective textiles available right here in Punxsutawney, PA, Accelo helps racers suit up for success.

racing fire suits

Suiting Up with Racing Fire Protection

A leading danger in motorsports is fire damage from friction, crashes, and fuels. The specialized fire racing suits Punxsutawney PA created by Accelo safeguard competitive drivers during these high-risk conditions. Our suits are SFI-certified to ensure drivers are afforded as much protection as they need when it’s all on the line. The majority of our suits carry SFI 3.2A/5 certifications, exceeding the requirements of most drag, dirt track, circle track, road course, off-road, and kart racing leagues.

Accelo’s racing fire suits are constructed with rugged outer shells of Nomex, Para-Aramid blends, or proprietary HD DuPont heat shields layered over fire-retardant inner linings. This thermal barrier architecture prevents both the transfer of external flames and the ignition of underlying fabrics. 

For local racers in the Punxsutawney, PA area, Accelo Racewear fits drivers on-site for their made-to-order custom suits. Our custom approach and premium fabrics offer ultimate heat protection specific to the intensity of any motorsports discipline. 

Customized Racing Apparel for Any Motorsport

Beyond fire suits lined with innovative protective textiles, Accelo crafts a full range of specialized racing gear. Drivers rely on our gloves, shoes, undergarments, and accessories optimized for optimal safety, comfort, breathability and ergonomics inside the tight confines of their vehicles during intense environments. We engineer purpose-built apparel for:

•         Circle track sprint cars

•         Asphalt and dirt oval racing

•         Karting

•         Drag racing

•         Open-cockpit road racing 

•         Rallycross and autocross

•         Truck and tractor pulling

Our product developers in Punxsutawney obsess over every seam, fastener and component with drivers’ bodies in motion during actual racing dynamics. Drivers can fully customize their gear using our proprietary fitting templates and design tools. Whether they are climbing in and out of windows or manipulating steering wheels under crushing G-forces, Accelo car racing gear moves seamlessly with competitive racers.

Local Gear Design for Local Racers 

As a custom motorsports gear manufacturer located in Punxsutawney, PA, Accelo Racewear builds trusted products for local circle track Midget, Sprint car, Late Model and Karting competitors right here in the Western and Central PA racing communities. We fabricate tailored custom kart race suits and accessories that align with sanctioned requirements.

 Our apparel designers meet area drivers at their shops, tracks and races to conceptualize and test new protective gear innovations addressing regional racing conditions and demands. Accelo combines decades of motorsports expertise with ground-level connections throughout amateur and pro racing communities covering Butler, Pittsburgh, Altoona, State College, Erie and beyond.

Ready to Outfit Your Next Win? 

At Accelo Racewear, we build more than just purpose-engineered suits and gear that protects racers out on the track or strip. Our team pours relentless passion into every custom stitch because we know the dedication our home state drivers devote into the sport they love. When you get fitted for head-to-toe gear at our Punxsutawney headquarters, you become part of the Accelo family - a member of PA’s tight-knit racing community trusted like kin in the shop pits and beyond the finish line.

As we continue developing the most innovative racing safety solutions for the next future of motorsports, Accelo also fuels the racing dreams, mentorship and excitement building the future generation. So whether you are a seasoned pro or just pinned on your first-place ribbon, Accelo has you covered to confidently chase every checkered flag ahead. Let us get you ready to shatter your PR in optimized style, safety and speed. Call us today to discuss building your custom racing shoes and custom car racing apparel.

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