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Get Your Custom SFI Suit Fitting in Punxsutawney, PA for Your Next Big Race

Updated: Mar 7

If you are a race car driver in the region of Punxsutawney, then one of the most important aspects of your safety and performance while on track will be the high-quality race suit that is tailored to fit. The main advantages of a Custom SFI suit are that not only the suit will fit you perfectly so you feel more comfortable when situated in the cockpit, but also a proper fitting suit is actually safer because of the reduced risk of exposed skin and less opportunity for the suit to impede your ability to exit the car quickly when seconds count.


Browse no further than Accelo Racewear, an amazing company with a wide variety of custom SFI racing suits, SFI gloves, SFI shoes, and other accessories. Whether you're going all in on the racetrack in the Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania area or further away, we've got you covered with our selected quality custom-made racing gloves, suits, and accessories.


What is an SFI Suit?


An SFF suit is a type of protective suit that race car drivers wear. SFI suits' mission is to offer optimum safety during a crash or a fire while racing. The layers are generally comprised of fire-resistant materials such as Nomex, Kevlar, and other aramid fabrics.


 SFiIsuits must adhere to the rigid safety specifications of the SFI Foundation. The higher the SFI factor is, the more protection the suit offers. Various race suits worn by NASCAR drivers at the top levels typically have SFI 3.2A/5 or higher protection level.


Custom SFI suit: 


Our company, Accelo Racewear, knows that all racers are different; they have their own style and specific tastes. That is why we customized the SFI suits and designed them so that they function like a second skin for you. Our experienced team works closely with you to develop a uniform that is not only SFI certified but is also able to reflect your personality and your style of identity.


 Made with high-class materials and the precision of our own SFI suits, our custom suits provide superior comfort, durability, and protection on the race track. When competing either in a professional race or a local meet, you can rely on Accelo's protective gear with confidence as it will ensure your safety as much as style, every step of the way.


 Benefits of a Custom SFI suit


Getting a Custom SFI suit tailored specifically for you, provides several advantages over an off-the-rack model:


 Better fit: A custom suit built for your figure does never miss any bulky folds, making it comfortable to put on and wear throughout the race day.


 Optimized mobility: Your suit will be customized to facilitate all kinds of side-to-side and leg movement for steering, shifting, and leg movement for easy handling.


 Enhanced safety: With less excess material, exiting the car quickly becomes an easier task when time is on the line.


Improved performance: Every second matters on the track, so you not having to worry about your comfort allows you to focus on the tasks at hand that matter most which is having optimal driving performance.

Personalized styling: Your very own colors, logos, and design will make you stand out.


 Where to Get a Custom SFi suit Fitting in Punxsutawney


If you feel your racing suits need to be upgraded, you are welcome to visit our business in Punxsutawney and get a professional suit fitting. Our team of experts are racers with decades of experience in the car as well as helping drivers find the most comfortable fitting exceptional driving suits that meet their exact needs.


Our measurements will be taken with the highest accuracy, along with any suggestions you have about the fitment of your custom SFI suit. We guide and advise you to choose from the materials and design details developed especially for your racing group, vehicle class, and track. Popular custom options include:


·         Radio pockets

·         Movement panels and stretch seams in strategic areas

·         Fire-retardant Nomex thread

·         Foot Stirrups

·         Several choices of collar types

·         AND MORE


Consequently, our in-house tailors reappraise the suit to be worn and provide an unprecedented sense of fit, feel, and performance on the track. Also, we can do the necessary fixing or alterations of your suit should you have any issues with the fit or feel of your custom race suit.


Enhance Your Grip with Custom Racing Gloves


The world of racing is about seconds or milliseconds. This is why the choice of equipment is very important. Our Custom Racing Gloves were engineered to achieve the highest level of grip, control, and comfort, which will help you maximize your ability to steer and stay focused behind the wheel.


Made with high-quality materials and advanced technology, our gloves provide premier breathability and flexibility so that your hands stay comfortable and perfectly cool during the hardest races of your life.


Dominate the Track in Your Car suit Punxsutawney PA


Locating in Punxsutawney, PA, Accelo Racewear is your primary retailer for all racing necessities in the area. From a seasoned veteran to just a beginner, our staff is here to help you determine the right car suit that meets your style and budget.


From minimalist to dramatic, from simple, classic patterns to bold and colorful ones, we have a wide variety of designs for every taste and fancy. Combining that with our devotion to quality and craftsmanship, every car suit that we make will not only look beautiful but also offer the performance and protection your demanding race requires.


Experience the Accelo Racewear Difference


Don't skimp on the cost to get the best out of your sporting gear. With Accelo Racewear, one shouldn't expect anything less than the best: top-notch products, the best customer support, and reasonable prices. Whatever your needs are — Custom SFI suits, racing gloves, or any gear you want — we have got you covered!


So why wait? Experience an exciting new look by revving up with Accelo Racewear now. Please visit our website to check out our expanded product line and to start making your orders. When purchasing Accelo Racewear products, you're not buying just a suit but a fun and exciting way to express your devotion to car racing.

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